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Redman-Hirahara Restoration Project

Queen Ann Style California Estate House

Redman Restoration Project
Second Floor Plan Second Floor Plan
The Redman-Hirahara House Restoration Project is worth supporting. Although as of 03/01/2016 the organization and web site may be gone. The group is/was restoring one of California’s truly unique houses surviving from the early 1900’s. The house was built for James Redman in 1897. In the 1930's, the house was purchased by the Hirahara family. The Hirahara family is said to be one of the first Japanese-American families to own farmland in the nation (from-https://localwiki.org/santacruz/Redman_House). The lines of the house are beautiful. The architecture has been described as either a classic Queen Ann style or West Coast Victorian farm estate style. This drawing /rendering is only suggesting of the houses actual layout. A shortcoming I hope to improve on in the near future. Redman-Hirahara Foundation PO Box 2526 Watsonville, CA 95077-2526, This web site no longer works as of 03/01/2016 http://www.redmanhouse.com This web site apears to work as of 03/01/2016 https://localwiki.org/santacruz/Redman_House