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AbaloneHill Design offers complete design work for all size projects. We design with you your new home or remodel projects.

New homes on simple building sites only require design and structural engineering plans. Many places where complex construction issues exist, hills for example, permitting requirements are more involved. There are a number of options for persons venturing into a building project depending on experience and constitution. Budget and schedule also drive construction choices. A Design Build Contractor (Architectural/Engineering/Contractor firm) can complete all aspects of a project and is a single point contact for the customer. Clients still have to provide guidance and make decisions; a more significant task than usually realized. Large A/E firms will retain the services of a designer, structural engineer, soils engineer, geologist, fire sprinkler engineer, general contractor, etc to complete a project. A/E firms hire the services of AbaloneHill Design for the design phase of a project. The design phase may include presentations to Homeowner Associations, Architectural Review Committees, or Public Planning Reviews. Most firms that build or remodel single residential homes subcontract work to Designers and Engineers as workload demands. A/E firms charge an overhead cost for these services. As the Client or Customer you can chose a designer independently without the overhead cost to the A/E firm. You can choose AbaloneHill Design to design your project.

Design plans are very much the personality and preference of the Customer; the floor plan or layout of the rooms, and the look of the house outside and inside are all an extensions of personality. Kitchen appliances, counter tops, and cabinets need to feel comfortable. Do you want a shower for two and/or a Jacuzzi tub for your back? Making sure your personality is expressed in the design of your new home - along with insuring standard sizes and meeting building codes - make a project successful. AbaloneHill Design works one-on-one with our client to design a home, draw the floor plan, the elevations, and define the materials inside and out.

Using a computer aided drafting (CAD) program called Chief Architect (CA) design plans and construction documents are completed. CA is a professional architectural 2D and 3D modeling tool (program) fully capable to produce floor plans, schedules, elevations, and renderings in 2D and 3D. Working directly with a structural engineer all engineering details are drawn for the construction documents. Rendering drawings and plans in 3D provides a helpful visualization tool for our Clients, engineers, and contractors to communicate with each other with more clarity and confidence. Everyone involved can visualize and agree on the project.

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